Stakeholder workshop: Product requirement tool

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Are you interested in the performance of bio-based and low-carbon construction products for energy renovation? Join us at this workshop where we present and discuss a new product requirement tool developed in the EASI ZERo project.

In EASI ZERo, we focus on developing healthy and high performing construction products for efficient energy renovation with a low carbon footprint. We develop innovative combinations of low-carbon insulation products and healthy finishes and  integrated PV that will be demonstrated on real use cases in Germany, France and Norway.

Our product development aims for maximum environmental performance and minimum payback time, while also considering circularity and embodied emissions. EasiZero product must perform on product level (e.g. fire safety, health), but also on building level (the reduction of energy demand). Several tools are developed in the project to provide our designers with important information. One of those tools is the product requirement tool.

The product requirement tool allows us to see how products perform when applied to a building. For example, what happens when you apply insulation to a building in terms of operational energy consumption, carbon emissions and pay-back time.

During this workshop we will discuss the performance of products developed in the EASI ZERo project and the tool developed to support our designers testing the products' performance on typical European buildings through a scenario analysis.

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